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Plastic product maker &

general trading company


〒730‐0856 2-4, Kawaramachi, Naka-ku,   




Company Profile

Management Vision

We will contribute to our society through continuous technological development.

Code of Conduct

Customer First Policy

 We will offer new value to our customers and contuniue to grow together.



 We will focus our efforts on continuous innovation across corporate activies with dynamic

 development as our goal.



 In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we will act with high standards of ethics and a

 strong sense of responsibility to maintain trust and expectations from society.

Strengthening the Field Force

 Through on-going mutual learning and self-help efforts, we will strengthen the field force which is the

 foundation of corporate activities.



 Competitiveness We will pursue the world's highest level of competitiveness in areas concerning  

 quality and cost, and aim for growth and expansion in the global market.


Thank you for visiting our website. Established in December 1963, our company manufactures and sells products including packaging/packing materials, and automobile interior parts. Initially, our company started out selling artificial whet stones. When trade began with Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Mazda Motor Corporation) in 1965, we expanded our business to include production of interior parts for automobiles, plastic film, packaging materials for export, protective bags made of plastic film, and sales of raw materials for synthetic resins. In recent years, in response to the increasingly fierce competitive environment with globalization of the market, our efforts are focused on production innovation using machine control technology to achieve the world's highest level of quality, cost, and delivery time. As we move forward, we will commit to further technological innovation as we add new services to maintain the trust and expectations of our customers. Thank you for your continued patronage.


                                  Seiji Nosaka, President and CEO

Company Profile


■The head office and factory  The head office     〒730-0856 2-4, Kawaramachi, Naka-ku,Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima-pref TEL 082-293-3211

Houfu office 〒747-0044  1-3-9, Saba, Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi-pref

                                                TEL 0835-28-8810

Shoukoucenter factory     

Nokano factory


■Foundation  1963.12.25

■Capital  10,000,000YEN

■Number of stock issued   6,000 stocks

■Number of authorized shares   24,000stocks

■Executive President and CEO     Seiji Nosaka

                  Director             Tetsuo Kaya

                  Director             Seiko Nosaka

                  Director             Kenichi Nosaka

                  Director           Kazukiyo Nosaka

Company history

1963.12      Established

​1963        Start the sale of artificial whet stones

1965        Start business with Toyo kogyo(Existing Mazda)

          Start the sale of Automobile interior parts, manufacturing of Plastic films, 

          manufacturing of packing material for expoer, manufacturing of Plastic bags, 

​          sale of raw materials for synthetic resins

Business outline

(1)Automobile interior parts (seat covers, armrest covers, headrest covers)

(2)Ployethylene bags, flexible containers, sandbags, sanitary goods, gloves,

   light packaging, special packaging sets

(3)Packing for export

(4)Raw materials for synthetic resins

(5)Mechanical designing, manufacturing, and installation

(6)Industrial rubber products and artificial whet stones

(7)Environmental materials

​(8)Vinyl products [Affiliation processed]


(1)Raw materials for synthetic resins            LDPE HDPE LLDPE EVA PP PS PVC ABS 等

(2)工業樹脂材料            POM PA PC PBT 等

(3)合成樹脂製品            ●各種フィルム・シート・袋

               ポリエチレン ポリプロピレン 塩ビ シュリンク セロファン ビニロン

               ターポリン クロス ナイロン ラミネート

               帯電防止・表面保護フィルム 等


               エアーキャップ ミナフォーム ミラーマット ミラダン ミラブロック

               ウレタン 発泡スチロール 等


               各種テープ類 PPバンド 各種ロープ 紐類 ビニタイ ストレッチ 等




               樹脂コンテナー パレット 段プラケース ポリカバー ファッションバッグ

               ゴミ袋 各種サニタリー商品 等

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