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Plastic product maker &

general trading company


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Business outline

Automobile interior parts (seat covers, armrest covers, headrest covers)

We manufacture and sell automobile interior parts (seat covers, armrest covers, headrest covers) and automobile manufacturing-related parts, as well as various packaging products for shipping. Our original machine control technology provides both high quality and high productivity, offering products that meet customer needs at low cost in a short delivery time.



Ployethylene bags, flexible containers, sandbags, sanitary goods, gloves, light packaging, special packaging sets

We meet our customers’ packaging needs with PP (polypropelene) and a wide variety of other products that can be used in diverse situations, including ployethylene bags, flexible containers, sandbags, sanitary goods, gloves, light packaging, special packaging sets of durable and flexible LLDPE (linear low density polyehtylene) products, and thin durable HDPE (high density polyethylene) products.





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Packing for export

We supply heavy-duty packing materials to ensure safety during transport when exporting large, heavy and precision industrial machinery. We propose packing methods and materials that take into consideration not only the characteristics of shipped products (shape, material), but also transportation conditions such as means and duration.


Raw materials for synthetic resins

Dealing with many reliable raw material manufacturers allows us to offer all sorts of raw materials for synthetic resins, functional resins, and other environmentally friendly products. We also provide total support for customer requests with flexible proposals and agile maneuvering backed by information and technology.


Mechanical designing, manufacturing, and installation

The machine control technology that we have cultivated over many years, lets us design and manufacture various machines that meet our customers’ production challenges. By mechanizing manual work and building machines to manufacture new products, we provide unprecedented machine- and manufacturing lines from design to manufacturing and installation, and post-installation improvements.


Industrial rubber products and artificial whet stones

In the area of industrial functional parts using synthetic rubber, we offer a wide variety of products such as single rubber products and rubber-baked products of metals and resins. For artificial whet stone needs, we propose products of optimum size, material, and function, according to the customers’ intended use.


Environmental materials

With the growing problem of global warming across the world, reducing CO2 emissions has become more important than ever. We can produce products using biomass plastic manufactured from plant resources, a material that is currently gaining attention.

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Vinyl products [Affiliation processed]

Most of our vinyl products are produced with PVC material by OEM or in-house development. We can manufacture everything from general miscellaneous goods to high-end products according to your needs, including all processes such as cutting, printing, stamping, bonding, and puncturing by using an integrated system.

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